How To Buy The Best TV During The Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Steve Kidera from the Consumer Electronics Association, discusses the top tips for buying electronics during the holidays, including televisions.

    Steve Kidera: For years, TVs have been the king of the holiday season and this year will be no exception. First, when buying a brand new HDTV set, you're going to want to factor in plasma, LCD and now LED. These are the type of displays your TV is. LED, the newest one out, this is more energy efficient. That's really the way that the picture inside the TV is being displayed. 3D TV is also becoming more popular amongst consumers.

    As prices continue to fall, you can get a 3D TV for under $700 these days. Throw on the glasses; it really makes you feel like the action on the TV is coming right at you. There is also Internet connected TVs, the smart TVs, this is where you can access Facebook, NetFlix, MLB.

    TV, various other apps directly from your TV set through ethernet or Wi-Fi connected device.

    Also, thin is in with TVs; used to be screen size where we all love our 60, 70 inch TVs. Now, they're becoming really less than a half an inch thick, really beautiful sets that hang right on your living room wall. TVs have become not only the centerpiece of our living rooms but of our homes. This holiday season when shopping for that new TV, there's something out there for everyone at every price point.