How To Care For A Car At College

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA shares the simplest ways to take care of a car at college.

    Ginnie Pritchett: College is an exciting time and when many leave home for the first time. One thing all college kids should study up on before leaving home is proper car care. Here are four things, every student taking their car to college, should know how to do.

    Check the tires, it's one of the easiest items on a vehicle to maintain, but they are frequently overlooked, until something goes wrong. Have a tire pressure gauge in the vehicle and know how to use it. Check tires monthly, only when they are cold and don't forget to check the spare.

    Use the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure located on the label on the driver's doorjamb or in the glove box. Do not go by the tire pressure found on the tire. Know the maintenance schedule to extend the life of the vehicle and ward off costly repairs, study the maintenance schedule outlined in the Owner's Manual and keep it in the glove box.

    Maintenance means more than regular oil changes, so be sure other fluids and items are regularly checked. Note what the current mileage is and what mileage it's time to perform maintenance again. Find a repair shop near college for when the vehicle can't make it to the usual auto repair shop at home.

    It's important to identify a trustworthy auto repair shop near school in case unexpected repair is needed. Prepare for roadside emergencies, especially if college is too far away to call home for help. Keep a roadside emergency kit in the car with flash lights, batteries, jumper cables, a first-aid-kit, some water, rags, a blanket, food and tools. During inclement weather, add a nice scrapper and snow brush.

    Car care is the last thing any college kid wants to study, but follow these simple tips to get an A in car maintenance and ownership.