How To Care For Cut Flowers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to care for cut flowers and make them last as long as possible.

    William Moss: You got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, now what? Let's discuss some ways to get the most value out of them and make them last. Today, we will keep your cut flowers alive. The first and most important tip is to cut them off. You want to cut them everyday and every other day just to make sure that the channels stay open so that the water can get up to the flowers and keep them blooming and looking nice for you. You also want to change the water at the same time. So while you cut them, go ahead and pour the old water out, put some new water in, and remove any of the leaves that happen to be in the water that have fallen down or leaves that are stuck along the bottom that just gets rid of any chance for any sort of fungus or something start growing and slow down the show. Remove any faded flowers or those that have starting to die. You just don't want those guys in there, spreading any bad mojo. Now when you are done viewing them for the day, you want to put them some place cool, you keep them in the hot area or some place that's sunny. They are going to bloom out a little bit faster than if they are at some place that's a little bit cooler. With a little maintenance, you will get the full value out of your flower bouquet and enjoy them a little longer. Get out and grow.