How to Care For Diamond Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diamond expert Ronnie Mervis discusses how to care for diamond jewelry.

    Ronnie Mervis: This is Ronnie Mervis and I am here for Mervis Diamond Importers to talk to you about care of your diamond jewelry.

    Point number one and it's very important, please remember, your diamond jewelry is just that. It's jewelry, it's delicate and it needs to be looked after with love and affection. Please don't think that you can put it on and just wear it for the rest of time, doing any kind of physical activity that you may want to do. For instance, picking up weights, gardening, without affecting the jewelry. You can and you will damage it if you don't look after it correctly. So, if you are involved in any heavy duty stuff like I am talking about weights, it's a good idea to take them off. If you are in the garden, if you are doing stuff which could involve the ring taking a hit, a prong possibly bending, rather take it off and leave it in a safe place and put it back again afterwards.

    It is delicate and the diamonds are very valuable held in place by tiny prongs, which are sturdy steady enough for regular wear but don't withstand the rigors of a full shock. It is really important that you keep your jewelry clean. The diamond is all about light. Light enters it, refracts around internally and comes back to the surface. That's what gives the diamond the flash with a blink. That's the way that light bends which creates that brilliance.

    If a diamond is dirty, if you are wearing an engagement ring and you get a build up of sludge at the back, residue from soaps or cleaning materials or sun tan lotions, that build up at the back and sort of a scaliness will affect the way the diamond refracts and reflects light, and it will make your beautiful diamond appear to be lifeless. So please keep your diamond clean. You can do it at home. You can get some scrubbing ammonia and you can soak it in the ammonia, get in with a toothbrush, warm water and just scrub at the back, rub it out, rinse it dry, blow the water off and you will be fine.

    Just make sure that if you are holding it under running water at the tap, please put the stopper in because we don't want to see your diamond jewelry go down the drain. But you should regularly examine your jewelry to make sure that everything is tight.

    A good little test is to hold it up to your ear and shake it. If the diamonds are loose, you will hear them rattle. So, just hold it up, shake it, if you hear any kind of rattling, take it off, stop wearing it, bring it in and allow us to tighten it and check all the other prongs and keep it clean.

    Thank you. This is important, please take care of your jewelry. You paid a lot of money for it, we would like you to wear it and to enjoy it and to have fun with it. And we don't want to see the diamond's perform at anything less than the best and we never want to hear about any loses, it's not good for you. Thank you very much.