How to Care for Your Rabbit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rabbit care expert Aileen Kara Hudspeth discusses how to care for a rabbit.

    Aileen Kara Hudspeth: Hi, My name is Aileen Kara Hudspeth with Friends of Rabbits. I am here at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia and I am here to talk to you about how to care for your rabbit.

    How to care for your rabbit will consist of many different parts. We are going to touch on the variety of topics some of which will be basic health considerations for your rabbit, giving medications to your rabbit, housing, diet, importance of spay and neuter, social needs, hygiene, bunny proofing your home, handling your rabbit and relaxing your rabbit.

    Caring for your rabbit is probably filled with a lot of different misconceptions for those who have never ever had a rabbit before. Rabbits are very busy animals, they are very creative, they are not low maintenance and they will stay with you for quite some time. The best thing to do is get a hold of and find a vet that you feel comfortable with, that you can talk with because that will truly let you enjoy your rabbit, make sure that you keep them happy and healthy for the rest of their life.

    Friends of rabbits is a group that is currently in the Washington (DC), Metropolitan area. I am the Vice President of projects. We are an all volunteer, non profit organization and we do help with education, rehabilitation and getting rabbits out and adopted to new homes such as this rabbit, who is currently up for adoption.

    There is a lot to learn on how to care for your rabbits, so why wait? Let's get started.