How to Carve a Cannibal Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pumpkin Carving Expert Tom Nardone demonstrates how to carve a cannibal pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. Are you looking for a pumpkin carving that's going to shock your neighbors and amuse their children? This might be it. We're going to create the Cannibal Pumpkin. It involves one big pumpkin eating one little pumpkin, life is not fair my friends.

    Well, I am going to describe everything there is to know about making this design, so that you can put one on your porch as well. We are going to talk about buying the pumpkins, what size is to use? We can talk about, how to carve a little pumpkin, how to get that, Oh! My gosh, I am being eaten expression on its face. We'll figure out, how to size the mouth, so that it fits right in there on the big pumpkin, and then we will carve a menacing expression on this big guy.

    We'll try to preserve it, so it will last a long time. I am sure you'll invest some dollars into this big pumpkin sculpture. We want it to last on your porch. Overall, we're going to have a great pumpkin design.

    You can use a standard cut pumpkin carving set, for this little guy because you are just carving a pumpkin. But when you get you into these big mammoth suckers, we're going to use our drywall saw to do all of the carving.

    It's going to result in a little bit cruder design, but it will cut through the thick flesh of this pumpkin. This sucker can be like six inches thick. So we're going to need every bit of these blade.

    If you want to powerize the process, you can use a reciprocating saw. It's usually used to demolish walls, but it cuts your big pumpkins really well through it. Well, we are using big boy tools here, so we are going to take some big boy safety precautions.

    First, keep your hands and fingers out of harm's way, work slowly, there is no rush here. Halloweens come in up when it comes up, you get your pumpkin done in time. Keep your fingers out of the way and of course, safety glasses are a nice touch, because the goo is going to be fly in and you want to keep it out of your eyeballs.

    What qualifies me to dispense advice on carving pumpkins, I've written three bestselling books, in fact, this pumpkin design is on the cover of my first book, 'Extreme Pumpkins'.

    First up, we're are going to carve the agonized expression on this little guy's face. I know you want to carve the big pumpkin, but first we've got to get this one in place.