How to Carve a Puking Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show you how to create a puking pumpkin – a jack-o-lantern literally throwing up its guts. Sure to be a hit in the neighborhood this year!

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. Today, I'm going to show you how to carve a puking pumpkin. In these clip, we're going to talk about how to carve the pumpkin, what tools to use to do it, how to yank the guts out of its mouth. We're also going to cover some ways to preserve it, make it last for long time. To spice it up, things to add to it to make different than your neighbor's pumpkin.

    Well, what does it take to make a puking pumpkin? Think first you have to pick the right pumpkin. Try to find one that is at least the size of the human head. If they're not bigger than the human head, they don't make a good character. Also the human head is taller, than it is wide. So, pick up a fairly tall pumpkin. Look for one that's deformed in someway. If it's green that's good, if it's lopsided that's pretty good, turned in or maybe it has an unusual and gross looking stem. This one sort of had that vibe going.

    The puking pumpkin is so simple, you can almost carve it with only one tool, a pumpkin carving knife. So my friends, it's time for a more serious note, because pumpkin carving is not a soft science, it is governed by the hard facts of reality.

    So, we have to take certain safety precaution. We shall not cut off our fingers in this process. In fact, keep your hands away from the sharp points of any tool. Also, safety glasses are a nice touch when carving. So, what qualifies me to offer such sage advice? Well, this exact design launched me into pumpkin carving stardom. That's right.

    The first design, I ever did for the Extreme Pumpkins website was a puking pumpkin, and then I've gone on to write three bestselling novels about pumpkin carving. I hope that's enough. Anyway, stay tuned, next clip we'll carve this sucker.

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