How to Carve a Radioactive Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Tom Nardone of will demonstrate how to carve a radioactive pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com. Today, I'm going to show you how to carve a radioactive pumpkin. That's a pumpkin that's going to have a radiation symbol on it, and it's going to have some glow stick goo oozing all over it. It's really going to look like there was some sort of radioactive waste accident on your front porch on Halloween night. Kids will love it and all it looks great.

    We want to cut and gut this thing, so we want to pick the right things to do it. We've got your basic carving tools with all the way up to your professional carving tools that I use.

    We're actually going to gut this pumpkin from the bottom, but we are not going to cut off the top. That's where we've got a lot of design elements going. We are going to work on designing and carving the face. We are going to do some special effects to make this look great. We will talk about using the glow sticks and getting them all glow up.

    Let's talk about the materials and tools that we are going to carve this pumpkin. First, let's talk about the pumpkin itself. You want to find some pumpkin that looks like it's had some problem with radiation. I chose this one with all bumps all over it; that might be some sort of side effect of the radioactive leak. Another thing you can do is look for a pair shape pumpkin that has big bogus top, that might look like some sort of tumor that's growing and you can place a radioactive symbol right on that. The second thing we are looking for is, we need glow sticks. The glow sticks we are going to use, we are going some in whole and a couple we are going to cut open. So, make sure they've nontoxic ingredients as well.

    Today I'm going to use about five or six, but too many is never enough. Finally, you're going to need a pair of really strong scissors or garden shears and this is going to be required to open up the glow sticks and get the goo out.

    We are also going to use some standard pumpkin carving tools. This one is a pumpkin carving knife. You'll find it in the pumpkin carving kit you buy at most stores around October. This thing you may never have seen before; this is called the Drywall Saw. You get these in the home center, they are about $6. The electrician probably uses them to put electric element holes dry-wall, and I use this to cut through the thick flesh around the stem and at the base of a pumpkin. Generally, when we're taking the guts out of a pumpkin, we make the hole for that with this item.

    Here's another thing I like to use Dry Erase Markers. Dry Erase Markers right on a pumpkin's flesh but they erase really easily. So I like to use those during the design phase, that way if I make a mistake I can just rub them off. And when we're using those tools, we want to be safe, so certain places you won't want put your fingers and want to wear safety glassed as well.

    What qualifies me to give this, well I've written three bestselling books on pumpkin carving Extreme Pumpkins I, II and Extreme Halloween. Also I've appeared on National TV carving pumpkins. I've been on Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, even Conan O'Brien.

    In our step we are going to gut this pumpkin, but we are not going out the top, that's where we've got a lot of design elements going. We are actually going to cut this pumpkin from the bottom.

    So, stay tuned that's next.