How to Carve a Turkey

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Daniel Traster will demonstrate the right way to carve your holiday turkey.

    Sherrie Rosenblatt: Hello, I am Sherrie Rosenblatt, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the National Turkey Federation. We are really excited today to show you how to carve a turkey and we have brought in the expert, chef Daniel Traster who is going to show us how to actually carve this beautiful roasted bird. So first let me introduce chef Traster. He is not only a culinary professional, but he is also a culinary educator. So I know we are going to have a great time learning how easy it is to carve a turkey. Daniel Traster: Thank you Sherrie. I am excited to teach you how to carve a turkey. Starting off with some basic temperatures in knowing when your turkey is done and then moving through carving off the drumsticks, the thighs, the wings and ultimately the breast to give you a beautiful presentation at the end. So let's talk first about what ingredients and tools we are going to need. Of course, you are going to need your turkey, parsley, a carving knife or a chef's knife and a carving fork will be helpful as well. You will also need a cutting board and a final presentation plate on which to put your finished product. In addition to that we are going to be talking about some safety and making sure that your food is safe. You obviously want to avoid burns and cuts because you are working in a kitchen, but when it comes to food safety, I am actually talking about making sure you don't get food poisoning and we will go into some detail more about that later on. I am the Culinary Director for the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show and I have eight years in culinary education experience. So let's get started on carving this beautiful turkey.