How To Carve A Watermelon Football Helmet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Miki Knowles, food stylist with the National Watermelon Promotion Board, demonstrates how to make a watermelon football helmet carving.

    Miki Knowles: Hi I am Miki Knowles and I am here with National Watermelon Promotion Board and I'm going to show how to carve a watermelon football helmet. To do this carving you are going to need a bowl and a scoop or a spoon, a paring knife and chef's knife, some toothpicks and a dry erase marker.

    To start out you have to wash your watermelon under cool running water and pad it dry. For step one, you are going to cut about 4 inches of one end of the watermelon. That's going to be your mouth guard to set it aside once you cut it.

    For step two, take your dry erase marker and do an outline at where your face portion of your helmet will go. Now using the outline that you made, cut along that to create your face portion. I like to use a small pairing knife for this part because it really makes a lot easier to control. Just put out the part and you have a helmet. So you are going to use the scoop to hollow that out.

    Now for step three, take the piece that you had reserved, put the cut side down and cut it in half. Step four, take the piece that you cut in half and dry it off so that you can use your dry erase marker. So you are going to do an outline to make it look like a face grid for the face mask. You are going to use your paring knife to trim that away.

    Now remove the flesh from the other side and reserve that to use for your fruit. That way those pieces from your mouth guard will pop out a lot easier. And there we have our mouth guard.

    For step five, you are going to assemble your carving. I'm going to slice a little bit of the end of this so it will sit a little bit more even, put it on the plate. You may have to trim a little bit of the ear pieces away; I'm going to add some toothpicks to keep this stable.

    For step six, you are going to fill it with fruit. One of the great things you can do as well is if you have a favorite team, you can trace the logo on the side of the helmet so you really customize your party and there is your football helmet.

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