How To Carve A Watermelon Shark

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Miki Knowles, food stylist with the National Watermelon Promotion Board, demonstrates how to make a watermelon shark carving.

    Miki Knowles: Hi, I am Miki Knowles with the National Watermelon Promotion Board and I am here to show you how to carve a watermelon shark.

    Materials you're going to need for this carving are a paring knife and a large chef's knife, a scoop or a spoon and a bowl, a dry erase marker, a melon baller, some short wooden skewers and either grapes or marbles and some Swedish fish to accessorize.

    For step one you're going to wash the watermelon under cool running water and pad it dry. For step two you're going to cut off a third of the watermelon on a diagonal, I like to cut off the skinnier end of the watermelon so you have the larger end to work with.

    For step three you're going to stand the remaining two thirds up and use a dry erase marker to draw the outline for your mouth and for your eye sockets. For step four, once you have the mouth outline drawn in, you're going to use your paring knife to do a zigzag to create your teeth. After you cut out the mouth you can use the paring knife to cut the teeth out.

    Then you can use your Melon Baller to scoop out the eye sockets for your eyes. For step five use a spoon or a large scoop to take out the watermelon flesh. Leave about 3 inches intact for the base.

    For the next step you're going to take the third of watermelon that you'd cut away and make the dorsal fin. After you've cut out the dorsal fine attach it using toothpicks and then add your finishing touches, grapes.

    To finish up you're just going to fill your watermelon carving with cubes or wedges of fruit and then accessorize with little Swedish fish. And that's how you make a watermelon shark.