How To Carve A Watermelon Teapot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Miki Knowles, food stylist with the National Watermelon Promotion Board, demonstrates how to make a watermelon teapot carving.

    Miki Knowles: Hi! I am Miki Knowles and I'm here with the National Watermelon Promotion Board and I am here to show you how to carve a watermelon teapot.

    For carving this teapot you're going to need a small circle cookie cutter, some toothpicks, a melon baller, a knife and a paring knife and a round seedless watermelon.

    For step one cut one and a half inches of the stem end. For step two, take the piece that you just cut off and use the round cookie cutter to make the lid. Place the remaining ring on the serving platter to act as the base.

    For step three you're going to cut approximately three inches from the other end of your watermelon and set it aside. Then use your melon baller to scoop out the flesh from the watermelon, that way you have your melon balls to fill your carving.

    For step four, take the three inch piece that you made, slice the piece off and that will become the lid for your teapot. Now cut the remaining piece in half and that will be your handle and your spout.

    For step five take the remaining halves, cut the red the red part out, then you're going to use this for your spout for your teapot. Now for step six you're going to attach everything together using toothpicks.

    I'm going to put a few toothpicks down so that then I attach the base to it. To attach the handle I'd like to put the toothpick point sticking out, so they go into the watermelon easier.

    Attach the spout and take the lid and the round piece that you cut out originally and that will be your teapot lid. Then fill the teapot with your melon balls and mixed fruits and now you have your teapot. Enjoy!