How To Cast With A Baitcaster Reel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eric Haataja with Take Me Fishing discusses the benefits of bait casting.

    Eric Haataja: I am Eric Haataja with Take Me Fishing. Today I want to show you how to cast a bait casting reel. Now it's a little more complicated than the spinning reel, but some of the advantages of fishing a bait casting reel is you can use a little heavier line and heavier lures without all the wrist and forearm fatigue.

    Hold the rod naturally between your fingers with the reel on top of the rod. Be sure to keep your thumb on the line at all times, except for when you are forward-casting. If you dont hold your thumb on your line, you may cause a birds nest on your reel.

    Start by holding the rod and aiming at your target. Keep the tips slightly above eye level, keep your wrist and forearm straight and use your thumb to prevent the reel from turning. Remember casting is a fluid movement. Raise your rod in a smooth motion. As the rod springs forward, lift your thumb off the spool and allow the line to shoot forward.

    Bait casting is about timing. Be sure to place your thumb back on the spool as your lure hits the water. Casting a bait caster is definitely a lot more complicated than fishing a spinning reel, but it will make you a better fisherman.