How to Cat Proof Your Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pet Expert Kat Miller provides tips for how to cat proof your home.

    Dr. Kat Miller: Hi! I am Dr. Kat Miller of the ASPCA, and we are talking about how to prepare for your newly adopted cat. It's important to cat proof your home before you bring your new kitty home.

    Cats are curious and playful and they might accidentally ingest the things they find, whether it's good for them or not. So, go around your home at cat eye level and look at the world from their perspective. You will want to clean up any little of bits or items like paper clips, string or rubber bands that they might get into. Secure your breakables, any vases or plates, things that they might accidentally or playfully knock over. Remove items that could be dangerous such as electrical cords. Tuck those away or secure them in a way that a cat can't get to them to play with them or chew on them. Also, some house plants are actually poisonous to cats. Check out the ASPCA website for a list of potentially poisonous house plants and keep those well out of your kitty's reach. Lastly, block off any little nooks and crannies, where a cat who is a little scared and maybe wants to hide could wedge themselves in and get stuck. So, look behind cabinets and furniture behind even under the stove, block those areas off to keep your new cat safe.

    So those are some things to keep in mind to cat proof your home before you bring your new cat home. Next, we will talking about setting up a quiet safe room for the new cat to settle in.