How to Caulk Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Construction expert Joe Wise demonstrates how to caulk a window.

    Joe Wise: Hi, Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise Construction in Orlando, Florida again. Now that our prep times had the time to dry around our window, let me show you how to caulk this properly. You want to make sure that, of course, we have already done the prep work and got it really nice and clean and we are just going to take the turpentine caulk like we used in the bathroom, just work the caulk out, wipe it with our sponge. There again, you do not want to use too much because If you do, it just takes longer to apply and take it off. Now what we are trying to do here is get a good seal between the windows, eliminate the cracks and eliminate any of the outside air coming in or the inside air going out. Up here at the top, you will see that big crack we showed earlier. We are just going to fill that up with caulk and the finger across it, wipe it with a sponge and you are done. It's okay to go over little carpets there. As long as you have taken the time in your prep work to make sure it is as clean as possible and that the old caulk is not coming out.