How to Celebrate Kwanzaa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to celebrate Kwanzaa with a little help from Nia Egwim of the United Black Community.

    Nia Egwin: Habari Gani! My name is Nia Egwin and I am here today at Umoja House Gallery. Today, I will be showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa. We will be covering the days of Kwanzaa and the seven principles. What are the seven principles? What do they mean and which day do we celebrate them? We will also be covering the preparations for Kwanzaa, gathering the seven symbols of Kwanzaa, what they are and how to use them properly.

    We will also be discussing candle lighting, the proper way to light the candles and what each candle means. We will also be covering what to do during Kwanzaa, which activity should be included, what do we do as a family during Kwanzaa. Also we will be covering what to do in the household, in the home during Kwanzaa. We will be covering what to do in the community. There is a celebration that is celebrated at the end of each Kwanzaa, what is it? We will be discussing that. All materials needed during Kwanzaa may either be purchased at Black-owned businesses or they can actually be made, but we will be discussing that further in this video.

    Kwanzaa, a holiday based upon the African tradition of celebrating the harvesting of the first fruits, was created and introduced for Black people in the United States by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966. Even though, it was created for black people in the U.


    , it is now celebrated globally. Kwanzaa is a time of re-accessing, reaffirming and rewarding all that we have done within the past year and is also an holiday that reflects our African culture.

    Where we are with this video is in the Umoja House Gallery. Umoja House is home for the United Black Community or UBC. We also publicize the events of others that we feel remain true to Kwanzaa's original standards. Let's get started, let's start showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa.