How to Check your Dishwasher for Leaks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy-man Hans Vatter demonstrates how to check for leaks.

    Hans Vatter: Hi, I am Hans Vatter and in this clip we are going to be connecting the water line, leveling the dishwasher and we are going to be checking for leaks. Let us get started.

    Now we are back to hooking up the waterline and you look at the bottom of the solenoid valve where we have put the brass connector, our adaptor that goes to the flexible waterline. It is going to be a little bit hard to show actually, hooking it up, but we will give it a try and see what we can do. We are going to take the remember, it's a rubber coated, there is a rubber washer inside of this compression fitting so we don't have to over tighten it. We are going to bend that water line around and hook it on to the adaptor. Okay, we have got the line finished up and next we are going to level out the dishwasher.

    Now when you go to level the dishwasher you are going to have to get to the installation guide and see what kind of tool they recommend to use to adjust the feet, to raise the dishwasher up or down as required. Once you do get it level, we are going to go ahead and raise the whole dishwasher up using the adjusting legs to get it to where it's within a quarter of an inch up here along the edge of the countertop and that's just for our statics.

    You can put it at whatever height you like. Now at this point we are ready to actually level the dishwasher. We are going to start by opening the door and we are going to remove the lower basket from the dishwasher. You are going to level the dishwasher from side to side and you can set it right on the door, that looks pretty good.

    Now we are going to level it side to side also and you just put the level right on top of where the rack was. Now that shows that the back end has to come up, maybe a quarter of an inch or so. Now we are going to go back under the dishwasher and we are going to adjust the legs, the feet as we showed you in a previous clip.

    Now that we have the dishwasher level and we have raised it up to the proper distance from the countertop we are going to secure the tabs to the bottom of the countertop. To do that we are going to open the dishwasher and we will locate the tabs in the installation package the manufacturers supplied two half inch screws.

    Now if they did not come in your dishwasher you can just go to any hardware store and get some course thread, half inch screws. Phillips driver is a lot easier to put in. You can use your electric drill by putting on the screw and then you can reach up in here and then screw this, screw it to the top without fear of going through the top of the countertop. We will drill both of them and we are done. Now we can close up the dishwasher and install the access panel.

    Okay, now we are ready to put the access covers back on the bottom of the dishwasher. This is simply the same thing as where we took them off. I am going to line up the holes. That completes the installation of the access covers. Next, we will turn on the power and the water. We have run the dishwasher, we have checked for leaks under the sink, we are satisfied that nothing is leaking and remember, I am Hans Vatter and I am the Handyman extraordinaire. Thanks for watching.