How to Check your Meatloaf’s Seasoning

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to check your meatloaf’s seasoning.

    Shannon Overmiller: I am Shannon Overmiller the Executive Chef at the Majestic in Old Town, Alexandria. Today I just previously showed you how we mix the ingredients together to form the home style meatloaf. Now I will be showing you how to test the meat in a pan to see if it needs more seasoning. When you go into to test the meat in a pan, you simply take a little piece of the meat mixture, form it into a little patty, preheat your pan to medium or so. Just take a little patty, just enough to taste. It's got fat in it so you don't need any more oil. Alright, once you cook it through. Just give it a taste. See if it's to your liking. Hot. Needs a little more salt, not much. So I am going to add probably about, maybe a fifth of what is there now. A little more and a little more pepper. Its is very close so you don't have to taste it again because we know where you are. That's it. So now your meatloaf is seasoned and you checked it in a pan. Checked the seasoning and gone back and readjusted, which is always very important when making anything. You must go and test it, taste it and go back and adjust it again.

    So now I will show you, after showing you the mixture and tasting and testing and adjusting. I will show you now how to form the meatloaf into loaves and bake.