How to Childproof Your Kitchen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Colleen Driscoll of Baby’s Home Safe Home shows ways to ensure your kitchen is child-safe.

    Colleen Driscoll: Hello, I am Colleen Driscoll. I am the owner of a childproofing company called Babys Home Safe Home. I have been a professional childproofer for about ten years. I am the mom of three children. I am a former officer and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the International Association for Child Safety.

    Today we are going to talk about childproofing the kitchen. The kitchen is a great place to start childproofing your home because its a common place for injuries to occur. Many families spend lots of time in their kitchen and its also a place where there are lots of hazards. Today I am going to show you numerous kitchen hazards and various childproofing products to assist with your supervision.

    Before we get started Id like to go here for some childproofing basics. Supervision and childproofing go together. Childproofing does not replace supervision. Because children can quickly get into trouble, childproofing is an important part of preventing injuries in the home. The first part of childproofing usually involves reorganization. You might remove a glass table from your kitchen or re-organize your kitchen cabinets to remove hazards.

    The second part of child proofing involves safety products. We are going to look at a bunch of different safety products. One example is kitchen cabinet latches. We use kitchen cabinet latches to prevent exploring children from getting into dangerous items in the kitchen. I recommend that you dont leave a child alone in the kitchen. There are so many hazards and kids could quickly get into trouble. Many injuries are preventable, so lets get started.