How To Choose A Bed Bug Professional

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Bello with PJB Pest Management Consulting discusses how to select a pest professional with experience mitigating bed bugs.

    Paul Bello: How do I know I am picking the right pest professional? Hi! I am Paul Bello, Author of The Bed Bug Combat Manual. And as a consulting entomologist thats one of the most frequent questions I hear from consumers when dealing with bed bugs on a daily basis. Choosing the bed bug professional is an important decision. These folks are going to come in to your house, enter every room, the private areas of your home and move stuff around and also will apply pesticides. They should work carefully, be well trained, use good equipment, use effective products and techniques, and know what they are doing and be good at doing it. But how do you know you are selecting the best pest professional? Well, its good to do your homework and ask questions. Are they properly licensed and insured? Are they members of their professional trade association such as their state or National Pest Management Association? Do they have significant bed bug experience? Can they provide references of other satisfied customers? Were they referred to you by a friend or an associate? Have you checked with your local Better Business Bureau or Department of Consumer Affairs?

    Also remember that youll be initiating a formal business relationship with these people. This relationship will be ruled by a service agreement or contract between you and the pest professional. Be sure you read it and ask questions so that you know what is going to be done in your home and what youre getting. What is actually going to be done in your home to get rid of the bed bugs? Does it seem to make sense? Do you need to do anything? Is this properly explained to you and do you have questions about what it is that you need to be done? Are the questions being answered to your satisfaction? Is there a guarantee or warrantee? Have you gotten multiple estimates from other pest companies?

    In the United States, pest professionals are usually licensed by your State Department of Agriculture which has regulatory requirements under which they must operate. You can check with your department website to learn about such requirements. By following these tips youll make the best decision on selecting the right pest professional for you and your bed bug issue.

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