How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Discover the wide range of faucets available based on the style that will fit your kitchen installation.

    Gary Uhl: Hello! My name is Gary Uhl from American Standard. Today I'm going to show you a wide range of faucets available based on style that will fit in your kitchen installation.

    There are a lot of different kitchen styles out there and yours is very personal to you. There are traditional style faucets that are based on very specific historical detail. There are contemporary faucets that are based on clean-minimalist design, and then there are our transitional style faucets and they really would go with the range of styles depending on the colors and patterns in your kitchen. Of course there are different types of faucets, there are single-control faucets that work with a single lever, and there are twin-handle faucets where you have a separate lever for hot and cold function. The faucet may be low and a single spout, this would fit nicely under a cabinet or it could be a high arc spout. This would be one that could fit in front of a window or in an island installation.

    Check your installation, you may have a faucet that mounts in a single hole on a counter top or you might have two, three and four holes in the top of your sink-deck. Be sure to check your sink-deck first before choosing your faucet. There really are quite an array of styles and functions. Check your taste, check your kitchen and get the one that's right for you.