How to Choose a Motorcycle Style

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Motorcyclist Jeff Thompson discusses how to choose a motorcycle style.

    Jeff Thompson: Hi! I am Jeff Thompson, with Motorcycle Riding Concepts and we are going to talk about this teaching you how to ride a motorcycle today. One of the most important things that you will do for yourself in motorcycle riding is to decide what style of motorcycle riding that you are going to do, in doing that you have to decide what type of motorcycle that you are going to do to fulfill that style.

    We have a selection of three motorcycles for you to look at today, that you can look at and start to make a decision as to what kind of riding that you are going to do. There are several different styles, there is touring, sport touring, street riding, sport bike riding and typical commuter style riding that's for you to ride, use your bike doing some work.

    This is the Buell Blast 500 CC motorcycle that we use, it's primary vehicle for our training at MRC. This is the secondary style bike that we use which is the Harley Road King. It is a touring/cruiser style motorcycle that you could use for either, and on the end down here, we have our sport bike, a Hayabusa sport bike which we will talk about in detail in a moment.

    But if you will take a look at this particular bike right here, the Buell Blast, this is a standard style motorcycle that has the foot pegs sitting in the center of the motorcycle, and the handlebars are raised just a little bit for you to be able to use it here on the range for training. But you could use this motorcycle in many different applications out on the street. It's a lightweight, fuel efficient motorcycle, very simple entry level, inexpensive, something to think about when you go to purchase your first motorcycle.

    Move over here to the Road King, we use this Road King in training from the advance level up to the expert level and individual as well. And it fulfills all of our needs and you see a lot of these out on the street these days. It's a good all around commuter bike as well it holds a lot of gear, it is fairly fuel efficient compared to this one and you can get many, many thousands of miles out of this motorcycle without any trouble. It's a good solid vehicle.

    Let's move down here to the end, which is the Hayabusa sport bike. It is a pure sport motorcycle that has evolved over the time. A lot of people use them for sport touring as well, it's a heavy motorcycle but you will notice that the handlebars are set lower and the foot pegs are set back. So it's more of a sport style riding stance.

    When you go to decide whatever motorcycle that you are going to buy, decide what kind of stance that you like and better fits you. Okay having talked about this let's move on to actually riding the motorcycle.