How To Choose A Quality Mechanic You Can Trust

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses what to look for in a quality mechanic and explains which questions you should ask at your first visit.

    Margaret Pittelkow: Every car requires routine maintenance and an occasional repair. The best time to select repair shop is before you really need one. Finding a quality shop can be a challenge. Well, with a little research and some advice from AAA, it maybe easier than you think.

    There are three full service repair options to consider. Car dealers have factory-train technicians who are very familiar with the vehicles they sell. Independent repair shops maybe less expensive and you're more likely to deal directly with the owner or the technician servicing your car.

    Specialty shops focus on certain vehicles makes and can provide very efficient service as a result. To choose a Repair Shop start by asking friends and family for recommendations, then, do a little research. Look online for reviews and check out the shop's reputation with a better business bureau or other consumer protection agencies.

    Finally, test drive your top shop candidate, by taking your car in for minor service. While there, look the facility over, talk with the employees and consider the following questions. Did you receive a return estimate or costumer area is clean, comfortable and well organized? Did the facility have up-to-date equipment? Does the shop offer nation wide warranty on parts and labor?

    If you plan on keeping your car for years to come, developing a trusted relationship with a professional auto repair shop has never been more important.