How To Choose A Snow Blower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jamie from TTI, a manufacturer of Ryobi, discusses how to select a snow blower based on your needs.

    Jamie: Hi! I am Jamie from TTI, manufacturer of Ryobi Power Tools and outdoor products. Today I am going to discuss, how to select a snow blower. There are three types of snow blowers, gas, cordless and corded. Gas powered snow blowers are great for heavy duty clearing of large areas. But if you are clearing medium or small areas, the noise, smell, cranking and maintenance of a gas engine is something you may be able to avoid this year. The cordless snow blowers are the way to go if you are clearing an area with light to medium snow accumulation. Some battery powered units may be run by a brushless motor for increased performance and power. When selecting a cordless snow blower, battery runtime and recharge time are items to consider. You want to make sure the batteries last long enough for your task and can be quickly recharged for the next snowfall. Due to the introduction of high capacity lithium ion batteries, we now have the ability to run tools with this kind of power requirements. Runtimes may vary from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on battery and snow type. As with any cordless tool, the less load on the tool results in more run time from the battery. Another thing to look at when selecting a snow blower is available clearing width and depth. Make sure the path and depth are appropriate according to the typical snowfall as to see. For example; the Ryobi 40 Volt blower clears a 20 inch path up to 10 inches deep and can discharge the snow up to 25 feet with its 180 degree directional shoot. Its important that the snow clears the shoot in a direction that is high enough and away from the area you are trying to clear. Additional features to look for are headlights to allow for early morning and late nights snow duty. And a collapsible handle or compact storage when not in use. Moving over to electric units. You want to select a unit thats power output is best for your job. Corded snow blowers range from 8 to 15 amps, the bigger the amp the more powerful the unit and the more snow it can handle. Electric snow shovels are now on the market and are perfect for clearing off patios, driveways and other small outdoor spaces. They typically have a smaller clearing path so they are not made for large jobs. Look for an adjustable handle to fit your height. Higher amp corded models offer 20 inches of clearing width and 10 inches of clearing depth and throw snow up to 25 feet. So, if you are clearing larger areas where an outlet is readily available these are great choice. So, there you have it, snow removal options to help you beat winters worst, no matter what size job you have, or what power type you prefer.