How To Choose A String Trimmer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Josh from TTI, a manufacturer of Ryobi, discusses how to select a string trimmer based on your needs.

    Josh: Hi! I am Josh from TTI, manufacturer of Ryobi Lawn and Garden Equipment. If you are in the market for a new string trimmer, you know there are a lot of choices out there. Lets pick the tool thats right for you and your yard. When selecting a trimmer, consider the power source. There are benefits to each power type, gas, battery powered, and electric. So, lets take a look at all three. First are gas trimmers. These tools can cut through thick overgrowth and arent restricted by power cords. They are great for large yards and many are attachment capable. So, you can do all sorts of long cared jobs with the same engine. Professional landscapers favor gas engines for their ability to hold up every time and for frequent use. Some residential trimmers are designed to perform like professionals. The Ryobi 2 Cycle Trimmer for example is in a residential price bracket. But with its powerful crank engine, it lasts as two times as long as the previous design. Proper maintenance is the key to getting your moneys worth with a gas trimmer. We recommend using ethanol free fuel when possible. If unavailable a premixed fuel like TruFuel is a great option or use an ethanol treatment like Ethanol Shield with any fuel less than E-10 works great. Untreated ethanol can draw water into your engine and over time ethanol can corrode vital engine components. This simple step will significantly increase life and performance of your small engine. Also be sure to winterize your engine according to the operators manual. This ensures smooth running even after months of being idle. Next up, is cordless. Cordless trimmers allow you free range of motion instant starting and quiet running. You can generally pick the right cordless trimmer for your yard based on the battery size. For smaller yard you pick an 18 volt system, 20 to 24 volt for mid size and then a large battery such as a 40 volt can handle large properties. Some cordless trimmers have battery systems powerful enough to compete with the gas units. Like the Ryobi 40 volt X Lithium Ion Trimmer. When selecting a cordless trimmer consider the batterys runtime and recharging time. Depending on the manufacture, batteries can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. And recharging can be an overnight process or as quick as 30 minutes. Moving on to electric trimmers, these tools offer instant starting and unlimited runtime. They are great choice for smaller yards or access to an alley is no problem. Electric units are usually the lightest weight of all trimmers. So, if ease of use is your top priority you cant go wrong with electric. So, there you have it, happy trimming!