How to Choose a Whirlpool or Air Bathtub

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom to put in a whirlpool bath? Here are some things to consider before you buy.

    Mike Friedberger: Hi, I'm Mike Friedberger from American Standard. Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom to put in a whirlpool bath? Whirlpools really give you exciting features, they give you the spa experience by using the jets of water, mixed with the air to either invigorate your body or relax your body during your bath. If you're considering doing this, here are some things to think about before you buy a whirlpool. First is, how are you're going to install it. You can install a whirlpool in just about any kind of installation, it can go into an alcove, it can be free-standing, it can drop into a frame or a piece of furniture that's cut out to fit in on top, or there are even walking models available that have a door on the side of it for people who have a hard time climbing in and out of a bath tub. It's very important to consider where the drain is on your installation, as you face the tub, if the drain is on the left-side it's a left-hand outlet, if it's on the right side it's a right-hand outlet. You need to specify that for the tub that you're going to buy. If you're fitting it into an existing bathroom the size is pretty much defined. However if you're designing a bathroom from the scratch, you've got flexibility in there and there all kinds of sizes that are available. Make sure that the size that you pick will fit through your hallways and your doorways, so you don't have to tear your house apart to get it into the bathroom. You can get deep soaking models that have extra height and you can even get drains that put in extra one to two inches of depth into the tub to give you a really deep soak.

    There are also ergonomic features available such as armrests, neck rest, lumbar supports so these considered getting a textured surface on the bottom. This will help to make it slip-resistant. As you're sitting in the tub, the water will tend to cool down and you don't want that to happen, so you probably should think about putting a heater in it, these are available for whirlpools.

    Next is cleanliness, what we've found is that the water in the pipes in between usage are a great area to grow bacteria. So you can get models that have Anti-Microbial piping to resist this and help from growing the bacteria and it'll keep your bath water clean every time you use it.

    Next, consider some of the features that come with the whirlpool. Very important are the Jets. How many of them are there, where they're located, can you rotate them to end them where you want them? You can get flat jets to fit against the size of the wall, very snuggly; it makes for a nice clean look. They're easy to clean and they're very attractive. How easy is it and how flexible is it to adjust the water to air ratio, so that you get either more vigorous or more relaxing feel to the jets.

    It rolled back historically to whirlpools is that they're very noisy. There are models available now with pump motors that are almost silent, and you may want to consider doing this because it adds the relaxation of the experience. You can get adjustable multicolored lights in the tub, this is so called chromo therapy. It adds to the spiritual experience that will enhance the physical experience from the jets. And finally you may want to enhance your whirlpool by adding an air-bath feature to it, which uses air bubbles alone to give you a massaging feeling. You won't be buying one of these everyday, so you want to make sure that the one you get you're happy with for a long-long time. If you consider all of these points and purchase the one that meets all of your needs you'll be very, very happy with the whirlpool you buy.

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