How to Choose an Energy Efficient Vehicle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses how to choose an energy efficient vehicle.

    David Rizzo: Hi, I am Dr. David Rizzo better known as Dr. Roadmap. Now we are going to discuss how to choose an efficient vehicle.

    Host: If I am considering buying a new car, what MPG is considered good?

    David Rizzo: Actually we have the Federal government to thank for assigning what's good miles for your car. Usually called the Cafe standards, which is short for Corporate Average Fuel Economy and the Federal government says that for cars anything over 27.

    5 miles per gallon is good and acceptable, for trucks it's 22.

    5, knowing that trucks require more gasoline. So if you are looking at the sticker the Morony as they call it on the side of a new car and it's over 27.

    5, you are in good company, but if it's a trucks it's got to be over 22.

    5. Keep in mind though, come the year 2020, those standards are going to get raised significantly. For cars the Federal government is going to expect 35 miles per gallon, for trucks 28.