How to Choose Crabs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Alexandra VanCleve of Captain Jack’s Crab Shack shows you how to choose the ideal crab for steaming.

    Alexandra VanCleve: Hi! I am Alexandra VanCleve with Capt. Jack's Crab Shack and I am here to tell you how to choose the ideal crab for steaming. There is three important things to remember. First, you want him to be 5 inches point to point. Second, you want him to be hard, rusty belly, the wider, not the good. You don't want to able to push through the back of his belly and he has hard rusty, so he is good. And you also want to make sure that he is male, males have got a long cylindrical chelae and females have got a wider chelae.

    Females have got red tips on their claws and you can tell that this one has blue, so he is a male. We prefer males as females that are sold, our part of the reason why the Chesapeake Bay has been depleted of crabs, you may find females at your other crab shacks and that's okay, the meal is known to be a little bit sweeter but preferably around this area and for us, we use males.

    Coming up next, we are going to talk about culling your crab.

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