How to choose meat for your Meatloaf

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to choose meat for meatloaf.

    Shannon Overmiller: Hello! My name is Shannon Overmiller. I am Executive Chef at the Majestic in Old Town, Alexandria. Today we are demonstrating home style meatloaf.

    I will be explaining to you the important issues of using different types of meat in your meatloaf not just beef alone. You will get a drier meatloaf if you do this. What I like to use, and I am sure most people do normally is a mixture of beef, pork and veal. We have got beef that we are lucky enough to grind ourselves here at the restaurant, but at home any beef that you buy from the store, ground beef is preferable. Then we also have ground pork shoulder which we blend into. So it's two part of beef to one part of pork. There is also veal. I use veal liver and this as well -- this is just liver that I have ground up. This is young veal liver, calf liver that I ground up to mix in. It's just about a cup worth to the five pound mixture of meats that I have here. The other type of meat that I would like to use is a salami or type of cured pork product. It gives a nice texture and flavor to your meatloaf product. So these four will the four meats that we are going to mix to make the meatloaf. Then I will show you the additional ingredients that we will be using to make the meatloaf complete and flavor the meatloaf before baking.