How to Choose Skateboard Trucks and Wheels

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skateboard Expert Keir Johnson provides tips on how to choose skateboard trucks and wheels.

    Hi, this is Keir with Catalyst Skateboards. Today I am showing you guys how to set up a set up a skateboard. Right now, we re going to check out truck and wheels. Trucks is pretty simple. There are only a few different parts. You got your axle here, base plate and the bushing. There are really only a few brands of trucks today like Independent, Venture and Thunder that are the best kind of trucks. Then we step up here and I show how to checks the wheels out. Next thing we are going to do is check out wheels. Skateboard wheels are made of Urethane. There are several kinds of wheels, but basically they are all the same. They range in different sizes available from 50 mm up to like 65 mm, which would be a wheel like this.

    The advantages of larger wheel like this are you can basically ride over any thing pebbles on the street. A lot of people that skate on cruiser boards would ride a larger wheel.

    So, that s a little bit for you guys about wheels. Let s go ahead and put the whole skateboard together.