How To Choose The Best Driving School For Your Teen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses how to find the best driving school and explains exactly what you should look for.

    William E. Van Tassel: Teaching your teen to drive can be a lengthy and emotional experience. You may be an exceptional driver, but because you are more likely to overreact to your own children, you may not be the best teacher. Here are AAA's tips to find the best school for your teen driver.

    The number one priority when choosing a driving school should be quality. Look for schools that belong to a national or state driving safety association. These schools stay current on modern driving techniques to offer the highest quality training. Check to see that their training vehicles are late model cars in good condition and that their facilities are clean and professional.

    The school should offer at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6-10 hours of behind the wheel training. Avoid quickie classes and seek out courses that last at least four to six weeks.

    Ask for references and information about the refund policies, class makeups and remedial training.

    Lastly, look for schools that offer a parent orientation session and tools to help you be an effective driving coach. Before you select a driving school, do your research. New teen drivers are at high risk behind the wheel. And your diligence in finding a quality school will pay off on the road.