How To Choose The Best Eye Glasses

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Anne Morgan discusses how to shop for eye glasses in different colors.

    Anne Wilterdink Morgan: Hello! My name is Anne Wilterdink Morgan. I am a style maker, otherwise know as an image consultant, affiliated with Beauty by Jeunique and I am going to show you how to pick the best eye glass frames for you. One of the things that I recommend the most frequently is to pick up the color of your skin, hair, or eyes or any combination of those with your eyeglasses and Terry and I picked out a really fun pair of glasses that does just that for her. Notice how the tortoiseshell blends with the highlights and lowlights of her hair. Also, the green and the lower part of the frame picks up the green or brown tones of her eyes and so they are really fun from a color standpoint.

    The next most frequently chosen type of glasses would be metallic, and here you see a variety of different options. Depending on how warm or cool your coloring is, certainly, you want to go with the more bronze and gold tones if you have warm coloring; the grayer shades if you have cool coloring. Another alternative would be to go with a basic neutral. Now, if you want to have a little bit livelier look, you might consider one of the reds. Reds are very frequently chosen for eyeglass colors because they enhance the skin tone in the same way that a blushing lipstick do by picking up the undertones of the skin and making it look lively and healthy. If you are in a conservative field then you want to have a little bit more of a conservative style than if you are in a more creative or fashion oriented, in which case you can get a little edgier with your glasses.

    You can also use glasses to combat age discrimination, by going a little bit more hip if you are older then you think might be considered ideal in your field, or to give yourself an air of greater maturity if you're younger. You also want to consider how long you keep your glasses typically. You don't want to go too trendy if you tend to keep them for years.

    So, in choosing your sunglasses, you can usually have a little bit more fun. Sunglasses rarely have to be as conservative as regular glasses and if you don't require prescription sunglasses, then they don't cost very much and you can afford to change them often. Definitely you want to go a little bit larger with your sunglasses because you want to protect your eyes from the sun as much as possible.

    The color of the lens, the darkness of the lens doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the protection it gives. You want to choose colors that are going to be flattering with your skin tone and are going to harmonize with your wardrobe and your pallet. In Terry's case, for example, because her coloring is warmer, something with a green or brown lens is particularly flattering and in this case, we have a green frame with a brown lens. Perfect! Think about the kinds of clothing that you choose and go in the same direction with your glasses to capture your personality.