How to Choose the Right Senior Living Facility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Hammerle of Emeritus Senior Living will provide strategies for the decision process when talking to a parent about a move from their home to a senior living community.

    Summer Hammerle: Hello, I am Summer Hammerle from Emeritus Senior Living. Today, I will discuss how you talk to a parent about making the final decision to move into a senior living community. Once you have introduced the idea of moving, it's time for a decision. If possible, it's best to let your parent make the final choice. So give them time to contemplate it. This way they feel more in control of the process. If your parent ends up refusing to move, it's time to get support from others. Enlist the help of friends, family and community members. Also, get an endorsement from a friend who has made the move and can share their positive experiences with your parent. Family members often respond much better to suggestions that come from trusted connections outside the family circle. Involving a doctor is also a good idea. Beyond their medical expertise, physicians are a non-threatening presence with no emotional history. Often family dynamics get in the way of this decision. A medical professional's opinion can take a lot of pressure off the family. Another option is to see if your parent will agree to a short-term stay or to participate in a senior daycare program at a community. These two options allow them to experience the benefits of senior living first hand. They will also have the chance to meet new people, enjoy meals, activities and excursions. These options are excellent ways for them to get used to this new living arrangement before making a commitment to be a full-time resident. I wish you all the best in this process. Your thorough research team approach and general encouragement will give you the best chance for success in the important work of caring for your loved one.