How to Chop and Mince Using a Kitchen Knife

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows us how to chop and mince an onion using a kitchen knife.

    Jim Davis: Hi there, Chef Jim Davis here for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you now how to chop and mince an onion.

    Now, this can be done with any vegetable, but it's a good demonstration of me to show you how to do it with an onion. I've taken a half peeled onion that I've still got held together by the root ball and I'm going to just make a cut in it about a quarter inch apart. Notice I'm cutting all the way down to the cutting board, but not cutting through the back so that my onion is still held together.

    Now I'm going to take off about quarter inch slices.

    Okay, so now I've chopped my onion and I'm going to mince some of it. Usually you don't mince a large quantity.

    So, I'm going to take my onion and lay it out on my cutting board, using my Chef's knife I'm going to put my fingers on the front end of the Chef's knife to hold it down tight and then I'm just going to walk the knife through the onion and just keep pulling it back together. We just keep doing this, walking the knife through the onion until we get it to the size that we want in mincing.

    You use this particularly if you're making like a dip or a spread and you don't want people to get a big bite of onion, hot onion at one time and you just do this and it spreads the onion out flavor wise in your dish, makes it much better. You can just keep mincing across there until you get it as fine as you want it to be. But that is how you mince an onion.

    Coming up next, I'm going to show you how to slice with a Chef's knife.