How to Clean a Whole Salmon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bobby Varua demonstrates how to break down a whole salmon and make a delicious summer salad.

    Bobby Varua: Hi! My name is Bobby Varua, Executive Chef of 701 Restaurant. Here in Washington D.C., we are outside with the beautiful Penn Quarter Navy Memorial Navy yard. We are going to be showing how to break down a whole entire Atlantic Salmon, break down to beautiful portions of fish, make a nice summery spring dish with little bit of heirloom tomatoes, Georgia peaches, little bit of Ensalada, and a little bit of port wine. Before we get started I just want to go over just a couple of things. These are some of the tools that you are going to be needing to do this little project of yours. You are going to need fish tweezers, sharpening steel, and most important, you are going to need a very, very sharp knife. A lot of accidents do happen when you don't have a sharp knife. So out of all the tools that we are going to need, definitely are going to need a sharp knife to do this little project. Also you need is two cutting boards to hold your fish, some towels and some sanitation gloves. So before we get started I am just going to tell you a little bit about myself. I just moved here from New York City, spent the last 14 years working in Manhattan with some of the greatest chefs. I am very proud to say I worked at restaurant Daniel with Daniel Boulud, worked at Aureole Restaurant with Charlie Palmer. I also did sometime with Jean Georges at Nougatines Trump Towers. So I am happy to be here in Washington D.C. to make some beautiful food, but otherwise that is pretty much it from me, and lets get started.