How to Clean Bathroom Stains

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christine Merrilees with Merry Maids teaches us how to remove bathroom stains.

    Christine Merrilees: Hi! I am Christine Merrilees with Merry Maids and today I will be teaching you how to remove bathroom stains.

    Stains can occur in just about any room in the house but today we will tackle those stains most common in bathrooms. We will discuss how to tackle a toilet that never looks clean because of a ring.

    Next, find out how to efficiently remove rust stains caused by both metal cans and hard water.

    Then I will discuss some tips for removing mildew and keeping it at away. Then cleaning soap scum can feel like an impossible task, I will teach you how to recognize it and remove it and last we will look at how best to tackle the annoying problem of hard water deposits.

    Depending on the particular issue many different products could come into play and I will discuss those in more detail as we discuss the specific problem. It is always important to keep safety in mind when cleaning your home but it's specially important when cleaning the bathroom.

    Make sure when handling products, you wear your protective gloves and if spraying above or at eye level wear protective goggles. Also take time to read the labels and always keep the room ventilated.

    It's also a good idea when stepping in and out of a shower tub to place a dry cloth at your feet because surfaces tend to become slippery.

    Before we begin let me tell you a little bit about Merry Maids. We have a largest home network cleaning service in North America with more than 600 offices across the United States and Canada. We have been cleaning homes since 1979, and we understand that the bathrooms are our customers' least favorite rooms.

    Hopefully with these tips I will help you better understand and will be a little less overwhelming. Okay, let's begin.