How to Clean Calamari

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to clean calamari.

    Barton Seaver: Hi! I am Barton Seaver. We are messing around with calamari today. So now we have got our vegetables ready. We have got our pesto ready to sauce the whole dish. Let me show you a little bit about the calamari itself. Now the product that we have in front of us here is a fresh, dirty calamari. Dirty is a market term, meaning it hasn't been cleaned yet. Most of the time when you get calamari, the little rings and the little tents that you get in a fried calamari, it is already been cleaned and processed and packaged long before it even gets to the store. This calamari comes right off the boat, never frozen, never processed with any chemicals. This is the whole thing.

    Now, it's a little creepy to some people, but they haven't seen it before, but let me tell you, if you try this, you will know instantly why you should only ever eat this kind of calamari. So what I have here is a whole tube of the calamari and you can see a little bit of the ink falling out of here, but this is what's known as the tube. These are the two fins here. We are going to be sauting this up. Now in order to get to this position, what we are going to do is this is the whole squid. Now you see these two long tentacles, those are the feeler tentacles. So just chop those right off and those are going to unusable and then on the top here, you can see it has got that little triangle running right off the top. You want to run your hands, fingers right underneath that and what you are going to be separating is what's known as the quill.

    So we are just going to gently pull out what we have just separated which is the whole stomach as well as the head. Now the next thing you need to remove is what I just called the quill which is a really awesome thing until you have seen this before, it's really awesome, but it's this plastic feather that comes right out and it is made out of cartilage, but it is definitely inedible. So you have to remove that. So you remove any and all pieces of that and then what you can do is just gently push up with your finger to make sure you get any of that black, the ink out of there. The ink is the protective mechanism for the calamari. So now we are set ready to go. In order to clean the head here, all you do is just cut right above the eyes and what you are going to do is discard all of that and you are left with the tentacles and you have to remove the beak, that's the mouth of the animal there. If you cut it right, you can just pull it right out. It comes out just as a little ball. So, now we have got our calamari here ready to go. We are going season it up and then in the next segment, we are going to start sauting the calamari and then we are going to be putting the whole dish together.