How To Clean The Bathroom Like A Man

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Men’s housekeeping expert Tom McNulty demonstrates how to clean your bathroom in a snap.

    Tom McNully: Today we'll go into the bathroom, I mean, showing you how to clean it faster and better and tossing in some quick tips to keep it looking great!

    Now bathrooms are warm and damp. It's a great environment for germs, mildews, allergens; another bad boys.

    Your first priority is a good disinfectant spray along with a mildew remover, a porcelain cleaning gel, a tile cleaner, a glass cleaner and some rags and sponges.

    Stash these under your sink, so they are always ready to go. Never mix any two cleaning solutions together. The chemical reactions can literally burn your eyes, throat, and lungs.

    Scrubber the shower, after every shower squeegee the walls off, get out and spray it down for the 50/50 water disinfectant solution.

    To de-clean the shower, put your tile cleaner on the knobby part of a gas station squeegee like toothpaste; apply, let sit and rinse.

    Place a small sponge in your soap dish to eliminate soap scum forever.

    For mirrors and metal fixtures simply spray with glass cleaner and wipe off with cotton rags. You can use baking soda or another mild cleanser on fixtures and porcelain too, and get into the little crevices with an old toothbrush.

    Sweep floors and whisk the debris into an adjacent carpeted area, you will be vacuuming soon. Then use a damp laundry bound towel to wipe down the floor.

    Make housekeeping a snap, clean like a man!