How To Clean Your Gutters

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Matt Ellsworth from ECHO Inc. demonstrates how to clean your gutters using a leaf blower and discusses the importance of keeping your gutters free of debris.

    Matt Ellsworth: Hi! I am Matt Ellsworth with ECHO Inc. I am here today to teach you how to safely clean your gutters from the ground using either a hand-held or backpack blower.

    Gutter cleaning is an important part to maintain your home. The clogged gutter interferes with the natural drainage of water away from your home. Bad water drainage can lead to fascia, soffit or roofing problems including leaks in your home. The way of improperly draining water combined with other debris can loosen gutters and caused them to pull away from their attachments. A clean gutter maintains the value and beauty of your home; prevents water damage to your home; prevents nesting areas for ants, termites, birds, mosquitoes, and even rodents; prevents ice dams in winter. An ice dam is when water flows over the edges of the clogged gutter and then freezes; forcing water in to your home or causing the gutter to come right-off your home.

    You should clean your gutters often to prevent accumulation of debris. Fully read the owners manual before operation and have the right safety gear, eye protection, ear protection, dust mask if the debris is dry and dusty, gloves, tight sleeves, no sleeves, or short sleeves, dry, clean, level ground and a clear work area.

    A rain gutter kit easily attaches to your handheld or backpack blower and blows leaves, pine needles, maple tree seeds and other debris from your gutters with the powerful blast of air. Fully read the owners manual for proper assembling instructions. If the kit youre using has an adjustable top nozzle; angle it 30-45 in the direction youre cleaning. Start the leaf blower following the direction in the owners manual. Position the extension tube at a 10 angle from the side of a gutter. Slide the nozzle along the lip of the gutter; lifting the outlet nozzle up and over the gutters support brackets as you come to them. As you walk debris will be blown out of the gutters. And thats how easy it is to clean your gutters all you need is a right tool.