How to Complete Toilet Installation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Plumbing expert Willie Washington gives tips on finishing the toilet installation process.
    Willie Washington: Hi, I am Willie Washington. I am with Leedway Plumbing Company here in Madera, California. Today's topic is how to replace a toilet. Right now we are going to be completing this installation on replacing this toilet.So right now we are going into connecting your water supply, I am going to going go ahead and tighten this back on top of here identical to the same way you take it off. So that's on and we can turn on the water. We have got to give it a minute to fill the inside of the tank. So the last thing you do here and to finish it off replacing in the new toilet is put the lid on and you have pretty much finished installing the new toilet.Right now we are going to go ahead and test the toilet by flushing it. See how it flushes and making sure that we don't have any leak seeping out the bottom and making sure the wax seal is on correctly.We are looking underneath the tank and making sure the bolts aren't linking and the seals to the tank are okay. Also, we check in the connections for the water supply and making sure they are tight and making sure they are not leaking.I am Willie Washington with Leedway Plumbing. I just showed you how to replace a toilet. Thank you for watching.