How to Cook Calamari with a Basil Walnut Pesto

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to cook calamari with a basil walnut pesto. Try this delicious take on Calamari. Barton Seaver will talk you through the steps of cleaning the calamari, cooking, making a salad and a delicious walnut pesto.

    Barton Seaver: Hi! I am Barton Seaver. Today, we are cooking fresh calamari. It is going to be done with -- one of a great dish. It's a classic Genovese combination out of Italy. Its is basil-walnut pesto with potatoes, green beans and a little bit of bitter Furze. We are going to be sauteing the calamari, making the pesto and showing you a couple of cool things. So let's get started here cooking our calamari.

    For the ingredients in this, you are going to need about a pound of fresh calamari. The best way to ask for it is dirty, meaning it hasn't been cleaned up. It's skin. Normally when you see calamari, it's completely white. But as you will see, we are going to have this nice, beautiful, purplish calamari that locks in so much of the flavor. It's important to get calamari fresh.

    We are going to need two cloves of garlic and about three tablespoons of oil, a half pound of red skin potatoes, quarter pound of green beans, snipped and then blanched. We are going to need about two heads of Furze, it's going to be trimmed and chopped up, two large handfuls of basil leaves, about a quarter cup of walnuts toasted. You can use pine nuts or almonds if you would like, but walnuts I think are the best for this dish. You are also going to need a little bit of lemon to finish the dish off.

    For the equipment for this you are definitely going to need a pair of tongs, one large saute pan probably about 10-12 inches would be best. You are going to need two small saucepans about a quart each and you are going to need one high speed blender. So now that we have gone through all the ingredients and all the tools that we are going to need, let's get started on cooking the calamari.

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