How to Cook Filet Mignon with Oysters and Bacon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cooking instructor Marie Guaragna-Beirne demonstrates how to cook filet mignon with oysters and bacon.

    Marie Guaragna: Hi! I am Marie Guaragna with MGB Special Events in Arlington, Virginia and now we are working on step two of our Filet Mignon Stuffed with Oysters. So, what we are going to do first is tell you what the ingredients that you are going to need. Of course our oysters that we just sauted. We are going to need some bacon. Today, I am using some applewood smoked bacon, which is wonderful. You can use maple, you can use regular, it's all a preference. It's just basically to flavor the meat more and two nice Filet Mignons, it's right here. Need a couple of toothpicks to hold it together and a pairing knife to make a slit in the Filet. So let's get started on our Oyster stuffed Filet Mignons.

    Okay. First I am going to go ahead and make a slit in the filet, right in the center. Make sure you have a nice sharp knife. We are going to make a pocket because we want to go ahead and stuff it with these filays. It is definitely not an exact science, but just try to work with it as best as you can. You don't want to go all the way through because you don't want it to come out the other end. So, but just try to make as deep a pocket as you possibly can in each of the center of your filets; now the good one. Alright, his and hers, just a nice little opening, and it's going to make these filets taste so yummy. Alright, now we are not going to be able to get a whole lot in here, but we are going to get in as many as we possibly can to give you more flavor. Love that oyster, okay, so basically you can look around; we might be able to get two in here; dip it in and get all those juices and the shallots and the garlic and parsley. Just try to wrap it right around in there. Okay, now we are going to close it up with the bacon and that's going to help too and what you can do with all these leftover oysters is that you can get some nice Angel Hair Pasta or Macaroni or whatever your choice is and serve that right over some Pasta. Now of course this is only two, when you are making it for other people, five or six or eight people then you can use up all those oysters, trying to see if I can get anymore in here, maybe a tiny one. See what we got. Okay, get another piece in this big one. Now we are going to just simply take our toothpick and close that up. Just like that, simple and then the bacon is going to hold all that in. You can start with the skinny side. Now depending on the size of filet, you could use two on here but, two and maybe take one and maybe cut it in half; oh, this smells so nice. Now, where your ends are, go ahead and use another toothpick and just kind of sew it, sew it in there together, doesn't have to be perfect and then they will be sticking out enough, so that you will be able to make sure that you pull it out before your guests or your date gets a hold of that and there you go. Isn't that pretty? Got to put it right on our broiler pan, easy clean up, get some tinfoil on there.

    So now we are just going to go ahead and repeat the same steps on the second filet and then we are going to keep it right back and pop them in the oven. We got our, his and hers filet. Remember, handling raw meat, got to wash your hands. Always safety precaution, and just before I pop them up into the oven, I am just going to sprinkle them with little bit of salt and pepper. You can use fresh cracked; it is basically up to you. Now, we've preheated our oven to broil. We are going to go ahead and broil this on high and I only normally do my meats, maybe five minutes on one side and four minutes on the other, a little bit less. I like my meat medium red. Now, it is all about you; however you like it to be done. If you want it to be more done then you might want to do maybe six and six or five and six or depending on your preference. So we are going to go ahead over to the oven, pop these in the broiler and hopefully within about nine minutes we will have a beautiful filet. Okay, so we have been in for five minutes and I am going to go ahead and flip these and add just a little bit more salt and pepper so it is on the other side also. Use the tongs. Oh yeah. That smells yummy, just a little bit of salt, little pepper. We are going to try it out for another - why don't we do four minutes this time and see, maybe five. See if we can get those guys to cook. So there we have our beautiful -- oh my gosh! They are just amazing filets stuffed with oysters, wrapped in bacon and these smells altogether are just, my nose is going crazy. So anyway, you are just going to love this. So this is all ready to play and when we come back I am going to show how to make the sauted spinach.