How to Cook Tuna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bob Kiebler, Chef at Mortons The Steakhouse demonstrates how to prepare some great Tuna dishes.

    Bob Kiebler: Hi! I am Bob Kiebler, Chef of world famous Mortons The Steakhouse. Today we would like to talk to you a little bit about how to prepare some great Tuna dishes. Come on in. Today we are going to do Tuna Tartar with a Thai cream sauce. We are going to do a grilled Tuna with a soy ginger sauce. We are going to make a Sesame sauted Tuna steak which is really outstanding with some Wasabi Paste. We are also going to do some Tuna burgers. I am going to show you what ingredients you need to prepare these dishes, how to plate them up. For each recipe we will go over the ingredients at the beginning of each video.

    Now, when working with Tuna, the most important thing about safety is to make sure your Tuna is absolutely fresh and the way you handle it you want to make sure, your hands are clean, all your utensils are spotless, you want to keep the fish as cold as possible and the best way to do that is to keep it on ice in the refrigerator, have it as close to freezing as possible, that way it will last a couple of days. I have been with Mortons for 14 years now and really look forward to continuing the legacy that Mortons has established throughout the world. So, lets get started with learning how to cook Tuna.