How to Cook Wild Striped Bass

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to cook striped bass. Renowned chef Barton Seaver shows how easy it is to make one of his favorite recipes–wild striped bass.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver and today in association with the Blue Ocean Institute, we are going to be showing you one of my favorite fish here, it's a wild striped bass. This stuff is coming out of Rhode island that we have for you today, and throughout the course of the video we will be telling you a little bit about the fish, how to fillet it, then one of my favorite techniques to brining, and what that does with the fish. We are going to be serving it today with Catalan Spanish inspired Broccoli dish with a pine nut sauce. So we will take you through all the steps of cooking the broccoli, and then to the sauce. Both of those are very versatile and go with almost any fish. So it should be a lot of fun. Now the ingredients that we will need for todays dish, we are going to have a one large head of broccoli, a little bit of butter, probably about a tablespoon will do you fine. One medium sized onion, cut up into dice, about half of it cut up into dice, the other half sliced. Then we have about a third of a cup of currants. You can use any kind of raisin, golden, regular raisins or currants. I like currants the best though. A pinch of chilly powder. So you have asphalt chili as my favorite, or you have crushed red chili flakes, are just fine as well. We are going to take about a cup of olive oil, extra virgin, about eight cloves of garlic, about a cup-and-a-half of pine nuts will probably do good. We are also going to need the juice of one lemon. Then to saut the fish we are going to need just a few teaspoons of cooking oil, Canola, Peanut or Vegetable oil, whatever you prefer. So the tools that we are going to need for this dish, is we are going to need a large saut pan about 8 to 12 inches. You are going to need one pot for boiling the broccoli. So probably about a 2-quart sauce pan will just be fine. Then you are going to need a small sauce pan to do the pine nut sauce, about 1-quart sauce pan would be great for that as well. Then you are also going to need a high speed blender for the pine nut sauce, it's important to have this, but a regular margarita or table top blender will probably will just fine. So when you are cooking, the first priority is, your own personal safety. It's best to use a very sharp knife when you are cutting, and also I like to use a smaller knife, because that way you end up with a little bit more control over what you are doing. Whenever you are sauting something, you are obviously going to have splattering oil, so be very careful when you are laying anything into a pan, make sure the splashes are going away from you. I have been a professional chef for 12 years now. I have been cooking all over the world. I started my career as a chef, because food is always been a huge and integral part of my family upbringing. Family dinner around the table is an absolutely necessity, but fortunately food was great, and all my friends wanted to be there with us for it, and had some interesting experiences. Worked as a fisherman in Africa, a Chef in Spain, and all over the United State, and most recently back in my hometown of Washington DC, so, with that being said, let's start cooking.