How to Cook with Tofu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tofu expert Paula Eakins demonstrates how to cook with tofu.

    Paula Eakins: Hi! I am Paula Eakins, Vice President of Health Seminars Unlimited. We do Wellness conferences and cooking demonstrations in this nation and also abroad. I am excited about the opportunity to be able to talk to you about how to cook with tofu. Now on this program we are going to look at some recipes, one of them is entitled the Skillet Tofu Scramble. The next one is going to be a colorful Tofu Vegetable Kebab, then we are going to go to Tofu Lasagna Roll ups. We are going to then move into our creamy strawberry smoothie and we are going to end with a luscious no bake lemon chilled cheese cake.

    Now on this how to program we are going to look at, unlock all the secrets to how to work with tofu. We are going to talk about the different types of tofu on the market and each recipe has its own specific tofu that we will be using. I want you to know that we are going to need certain supplies as we work with this, such things as a skillet, well electric skillet. We are going to need to have also a food processor, a blender, some skewer sticks. We have a grill pan and we are going to be using a large and small measuring bowls and also we are going to be working with sharp knives.

    I said sharp knives because sometimes when you are in the kitchen cooking you have children around as well and you even also have to be careful. So we want to be careful and look at that kitchen safety. Well my name is Paula Eakins, I have a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition and we have worked with tofu for over a 30 some years. As a matter of fact, the very first class I ever did on tofu was entitled 'Tofu Comes to America'. Well I want you to know also that I am a part of American Dietetic Association and one of the things that was so interesting at the 82nd annual convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, I was asked to do a program on tofu, it was called the Magic of Tofu. It was very very well received and everyone enjoyed themselves, not just in the presentation but also in the eating as well. I am also the author of two cook books, 'Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy' and 'Global Vegetarian'. Of course, you would know that they both use tofu recipes. Well let's get started on our very first recipe which is called a Tofu Scramble.