How to Correct Common Golf Mistakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Golf Expert Jay Golden discusses how to correct common golf mistakes.

    Jay Golden: Hi! I'm PGA member, Jay Golden and in this series I'm going to talk about common golf problems and how to correct them. Number one, slicing the ball. Shot putting is another problem. Do you have problems on 2-4 foot putts? A weak grip is one of the biggest problems for weak shots. If you have a weak grip, you're going to hit a a weak shot. The common fault that many people make around the green is that they automatically go for their wedge or sand wedge or a 60 degree wedge and try to hit a relatively high shot which in terms of difficulty is more difficult than a lower shot. Try to hit shots that are beyond your ability. We've all seen golf pros take full swings from the edge of the green and hit high lob shots. How do they do it? They open up the club face. So that it faces the sky and they sweep under that ball with a full swing, and that's how you hit the high lob shot. Finally the sand shot.

    In terms of tools and supplies, you're going to need golf clubs, golf balls, a place to hit, a place to practice and safety is always so important. You might think it's okay to do this in your backyard, perhaps with rubber golf balls or wiffle balls, but you have to remember that if there are children nearby or pets, they could run right up to you or sneak behind you and if you take a golf swing and hit them with the metal club, or a hard golf ball, terrible things could happen and I'm sorry to say that they do happen on occasion in golf facilities and in golf situations. I've been teaching golf since I am 11 years old and I do know that there are some problems that seem to occur time and time again. I've helped many golfers with these problems, hopefully with simple cures, something that will just snap in right away won't require that much practice, of course everything requires practice, but something that I know works for cures for these problems, for slicing, for missing shot putts, for hitting shots around the green that are too low, for sand shots and for selecting shots that are too difficult and above your above. I hope that these cures help you and you start playing great golf.