How to Crack Lobster Claws

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video learn how to properly crack lobster claws.

    Jim Davis: Hi! Jim Davis here for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you now how to remove the meat from lobster claws and legs.

    First of all, we take the claw and separate the leg from the claw. And you'll notice I have also kept a couple of the legs from the main body.

    What we're going to do now is either use the back of a knife, like this, and crack our claw, or we can use a Lobster Cracker like this.

    Crack it all down through there. And lobster shells are hard. So don't be afraid. We have to work at it to get the meat out. And we pull this down section out. There we go. Look at that beautiful piece of lobster claw meat coming out of there. And there is a whole piece of lobster claw ready to eat.

    Now one of the treats that a lot of people miss is these little legs. Nobody realize it. But if you take these little legs, cut it off like that and just take a wine bottle. Just put it down on. Look at that. Isn't that great? That is really a good lobster meat. Oh, yeah that's good.

    Okay, now from this leg, I'll show you how to do this one. And then we take our scissors, and cut the shell this way. Separate it and pull out the lobster meat.

    And you'll find usually those as much lobster meat in these legs as you'll find in the other parts of the body. And it's all very good meat. And that is how you remove the meat from lobster claws and legs.