How to Create a Millennium French Twist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Ali Barrett from Beau Totale Salon and Spa, demonstrate how to create a Millennium French Twist.

    Ali Barrett: Hi! I am Ali with Beau Totale Salon and Spa. Today, I will be showing how you can achieve a Millennium French Twist. The steps we will be doing today are the parting of the hair, smoothing out and then finishing the twist. The tools we will be using today are a natural boars hair bristle brush, a metal rat-tail comb, a plastic rat-tail comb, bobby pins and hair pins and the products are aerosol hair spray and a wet a pump hair spray.

    Beau Totale has been open for 11 years. I have worked here for four. I have received advance training at the Aveda Institute in Washington DC. Let us get started with our Millennium French Twist.

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