How to Create, Frame and Hang Low-Cost Artwork

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior decorator Sherry Tyra explains how to create, frame, and hang low-cost artwork.

    Sherry Tyra: Hi! I am Sherry Tyra and I would like to welcome you to my monkeysee.

    com video. Today, I am going to show you how to make low budget artwork that looks like it is been professionally framed. We will talk about finding unique places for artwork and using a little bit of creativity and inspiration. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am the Assistant Designer on HGTV's hit show Designed To Sell. In addition to working for HGTV, I have my own Interior Design Company called CHIC, which is the acronym for custom home interior creation. I do residential and commercial design. I can help you take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. I would like to talk to you now about some of the tools that we will need for today's projects and I am going to show you several different projects, so you may not need all of these supplies, but I wanted to go over the entire list, just in case. A little bit about safety, some of the things we will be using are very sharp, do not leave them within the reach of small children and please exercise caution when you are using them yourself. Some of the things we will need are sketch tape, staple gun, a hammer, a straight edged blade and this is my favorite tool in the world, a dollar store ice pick and I will show you some hints with this, wood glue, spray adhesive, painters tape or masking tape will work also. Painters tape is nice because it is blue and it shows up a little bit more on the wall, scissors, various sizes of scissors, marking pens, pencils, this here is a great little tool, it is a paint pan and I will show what we are going to do with this little bit later as well, a level for making sure that your artwork is hung properly, measurements, tucking tape measure, ruler, yard stick, newspaper or a drop to protect your surfaces when we are using the spray adhesive.

    We are also going to look at different ways of finding unusual, unique pieces of art in which to frame, re are going to talk about fabrics, calendars, art books, coffee table books, discarded wallpaper books, greeting cards, things like that. So let us get started.