How to Create Top Spin in Tennis

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Frankie Dell demonstrates how to create top spins in tennis.

    Frankie Dell: Hi! I am Frankie Dell. I am a Professional Tennis Instructor. You are watching ground strokes. Right now, I am going to show you how to hit with topspin. Topspin, is when you create a forward movement on the ball and the way you do this, like I said it earlier, the forehand swing is a low to high movement. So you want to come up from under the ball maybe where the three is and just brush creating that forward movement, brush so the low allows you to get under the ball and you want to hit the ball right around where the three is. Coming under and brushing over the ball. Brush, that creates that forward movement you want. Brush, brush brush brush, coming under the ball, brush brush.

    So you might ask why do I need Topspin. Well Topspin will allow you to clear the net by a wider margin. Thus making it a more safe shot. Where as if you hit the ball flat with no spin at all, if you try to clear the net by this much hitting a flat shot, it's most likely going to go out. But if you hit with Topspin and clear the net by say three four feet sometimes, the forward spin of the ball can bring the ball down into the court. So it's a safer shot and the better you get at hitting Topspin, you will be able to hit it harder and harder and harder and clear the net and still has a ball land in. So that's how you hit Topspin.